Barcelona in Spain, an Escape in Essence

When life gets you down to the grind you know that the time is ripe for an escape, an escape into a city where life is down to the bare simple and an exquisite air of Gaudian architecture stands as a feast for your senses. Well there are a few unwritten rules to every city, and if you land in Barcelona thinking it to be a part of Spain, you might be faced with hostility. People of the place have always considered it to be a capital of Catalonia and you might want to check up on the Catalonian history as it will give you background on many of the cultural practices of the land.

Tourist destination in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of those cities, which you want to explore on foot. It is not a large city but it is quite tough to look over the whole due to the vastness of the viewable. So if one really wants to feel the heart of this city, they should take to the streets rather than a tour bus hurrying them through tourist spots. It is difficult to judge the heart of this city but to me it is truly felt in the lazy afternoons with a rum and mojito, or in the paths less trodden leading to the inner cities where life shows many a odd colors for the restless.

Shopping Streets in Barcelona

The city is filled with tourist spots ranging from Goudian architectural entities, the Montjuic mountains, or the gallant street art which bares an odd resemblance to Picasso’s later works.

The Art

This was of course the city to hold the grandeur of the maestro of dadism, Pablo Picasso. If you take a walk down C/Reina Cristina and then head over to number 3, C/Mercè and one would see the earthly belongings and the birthplace of the painter. Throughout the back alleys, one would find graffitis, most of them relating to soccer or a few political satyrs. There is of course an art museum dedicated to Picasso, which attracts a lot of tourists.

The Sport

Football Here is Religion. For football fanatics this turns to be the Mecca. In every bare space, one can find wall drawings of goalposts and 3 on 3 matches raging like the finals of the FIFA world cup, or even fierce. If one does not feel football one would be missing out a lot of Barcelona, for this city truly holds the emotion that is football. And of course, one must not miss a match at Camp Nou if luck favors them one. For the madness of supporting the club at home is matched by very few things in this planet.

The Food

Well Barcelona has its very own cuisine that is best for the oriental tongue, ‘cause the  Asian people have a problem suiting to it, but once they do the essence of oriental spices takes over and the taste of Barcelona creeps into the tourist making him feel at home. The ‘tapas’ are the most famous of the delicacies and do ensure you do not miss out on them. For the rest, it is not right to read about food of a blog, explore ‘em yourselves. Just know that this is the place for those with a sweet tooth.

One thing that all must do in Barcelona is to visit one of the music festivals. These are the grandest thing about Barcelona and they truly bring the flavor of the city. The native music of the land is melodic as well as beat based and the folk essence might maddens ones’ senses while being uplifted with a cocktail on a dim lit terrace.

music festivals in barcelona

Altogether, Barcelona is one of the cities where one can escape into a world void of daily humdrums and actually be enthralled in the spiritual offerings of the city. It is a city of monumental sounds, and color filled scenes to allow oneself to leave behind all sorts of negative thoughts and take to life one day at a time.

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