Is the current USD-INR exchange rate frustrating you? It’s time to sketch the silver lining on the big, black inflation cloud. Try visiting these 10 travel destinations where the rupee will make you feel like a maharaja throwing gold coins into the air.

1. CAMBODIA (1 Riel= 0.016 INR)


The Reign of Terror is over and it’s time for Indians to make the most of Cambodia’s oriental charm. Food and accommodation prices are so pocket-friendly, you might forget for a while that you are in a foreign country. Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom, Royal Palace, Silver Pagoda and Independence Monument await your arrival!

2. PAKISTAN (1 Pakistani Rupee= 0.63 INR)

PakistanLet us shake off prejudice for a while and acknowledge the fact that Pakistan is a neighbouring country. The beautiful landscape, rich culture and a lip-smacking cuisine only sweeten the pot. This might turn out to be the venture that changes your outlook and even if for a while, erases the border that separates us.

3. ZIMBABWE (1 ZWD= 0.182 INR)


Groove to the beats of the Congo as you explore the landscape and the diverse wildlife. Check out the Victoria Falls, try bungee jumping and rafting. Everything apart from stay is cheap, the only good thing to come out of inflation. Go wild!

Check out Congo: The Epic History of a People as well.

4. COSTA RICA (1 Colon= 0.12 INR)


Be prepared to feel like a millionaire. Costa Rica offers beaches, volcanoes and rainforests with immense biodiversity, all at jaw-dropping rates. Pre-Columbian Gold Museum is worth a view. And you thought America was for the rich!

5. VIETNAM (1 Dong= 0.0029 INR)


The beaches, rivers and Buddhist pagodas are well-known attractions, but a history enthusiast must check out the French colonial landmarks, war history museums and tunnels used by soldiers. After all that, you could chill on a tyre and simply enjoy the view.

6. SRI LANKA (1 Sri Lankan Rupee= 0.47 INR)


This cultural melting pot is just a leap away from India; our neighbours might be offended if we don’t pay a visit! It greets you with endless beaches, rainforests, Buddhist ruins, palace and frescoes. The cuisine is a bonus!

7. HUNGARY (1 Forint= 0.24 INR)


Bask in the neo-classical architecture of this Central European country. You can enjoy the dramatic cityscape cut across by the river Danube while staying in hotels that offer too many luxuries at a nominal amount.

8. MONGOLIA (1 Tugrik= 0.033 INR)


First things first: cheap booze! The monasteries and the National Museum have a lot of excitement to offer. The breath-taking beauty and the rich cultural aura of Mongolia will not burn a hole in your pocket.

9. PARAGUAY (1 Guarani= 0.012 INR)


Turns out Paraguay has been rated one of the cheapest countries in the world! Check out what the MuseodelBarro, National Pantheon of the Heroes and Cerro Cora National Park have in store. And oh, cheap booze again!

10. BELARUS (1 Ruble= 0.97 INR)

Международным центром памятных мероприятий в связи с 70-летием начала Великой Отечественной войны стал прошедшей ночью мемориальный комплекс "Брестская крепость-герой". Вместе с тысячами брестчан в героической цитадели присутствовали 45 иностранных делегаций. В память о ее героических защитниках состоялся митинг-реквием. На снимках: 15. В мемориальном комплексе "Брестская крепость-герой". 16. Во время возложения венка к вечному огню. 17,18. Митинг-реквием в память о героических защитниках Брестской крепости. 19. В мемориальном комплексе "Брестская крепость-герой". 20. Митинг-реквием в память о героических защитниках Брестской крепости. Фото Геннадия Жинкова, БелТА.

History hangs in the air of Minsk, the capital of Belarus. Enjoy the architecture: monuments, churches, and quaint museums. Don’t forget the cafes, this is Europe after all (pinch yourself if you still can’t believe)!

Take out that wanderlust from the locker and spread it all over yourself. Set out alone or with your best buddies for once-in-a-lifetime backpack tour. You don’t always need a hefty bank balance to go to see the most amazing travel destinations in the world.

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