Romance in SRK Style at Dilwale Locations

Imagine a gorgeous background. A heaven like scenic beauty. Two protagonists are there, wooing each other. Romancing in a way which is possible only by them. In their new film ‘Dilwale’, Shahrukh and Kajol are filling each frame with raw passion and sheer emotion where natural beauty at the background is playing the ideal role of catalyst.

SRK's Dilwale movie 4

‘Dilwale’ directed by Rohit Shetty has been shot extensively in Goa, Bulgaria, Iceland. Every place has its own charm, own exclusive nature, adding more hue to the film. Let’s have a quick look at all the exotic locations.

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Dilwale in Goa

SRK's Dilwale movie 3

Besides King Khan and Kajol, new age stars Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon have also acted in this film. Most of their shooting has taken place in Goa, India’s most sought after tourist destination.

But why should one visit Goa? There are multiple reasons to go to Goa. It is blessed with sea and breathtaking backgrounds. Behold here and there, you will find picture perfect frame. Goa is not just stunningly beautiful but equally pocket-friendly which has made it a hot tourist destination. And don’t forget to count the awesome food and beverages available in Goa.

Dilwale in Bulgaria

SRK's Dilwale movie 10

SRK's Dilwale movie 9

Now, this is an interesting selection for a shooting destination. Though Bollywood films have been all over the globe for a single shot. But, Rohit Shetty has raised eyebrows by presenting Bollywood’s biggest superstars Shahrukh and Kajol at the background of Bulgaria. Reportedly, already hit film’s song “Geruah” has been shot at there. Do we need more clues to find out the reason behind picking Bulgaria?

Here comes an inevitable question. Will it be smart enough to spend money after Bulgaria? The choice is yours. But, the matter of the fact is that Bulgaria is replete of picturesque natural abundance coupled with historical venues. The combination is lucrative for any wanderer. Close your eyes and ponder about Roman Thermae in Varna or Sofia architecture where one can explore beautiful creations of Greek, Roman and Byzantine dynasty. Was travel such bliss ever? Bulgaria has an answer for that question.

Dilwale in Iceland

SRK's Dilwale movie 8

When Shah Rukh touted Iceland as ‘Niceland’ in Twitter, people sit up and notice. For some uncanny reasons, Iceland was too avoided by Bollywood in a larger scale. The frustration has literally ended by ‘Dilwale’ director Rohit Shetty. Just imagine Shah Rukh and Kajol loving each other in snowy, beautiful Iceland. Kajol in Indian apparel is a treat in eyes and Shah Rukh… Let’s say such spectacle is only to watch and not for words.

Traveling in Iceland is nothing but a sheer joy. Though the sweet problem of plenty will occur at every step. It is hard to choose between natural beauties, cultural ecstasies. Don’t forget to go for caving or horse riding at Iceland. It has the potential to change your perception of travel.

Bollywood films give us the lesson to love our souls and soul mates. In addition of that, they also act as the guidebook for travel plans. With multiple locations, “Dilwale” has just done that to me. What about yours?

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