2K16 Bucket-list for the Travel Bug

It’s that time of the year again when we make resolutions and plans. It’s time again to make a list of all that you missed out on last year. Not to forget the vacation you have been waiting for! So here’s a list of the top 10 travel destinations 2016 at” home and the world” you could totally visit.

1. What happens in CORSICA stays in CORSICA

2016 travel destinations 1

Yes. That’s where 2015 ended for most of us. South of France. If there’s one thing that the audience unanimously loved about Tamasha, it was the picturesque Corsica, baby!!

2. PRAGUE – The Gothic Getaway

2016 travel destinations 2

This city in Czthe Czech Republics the goth fan’s dream city. You get to be at a place famous for its beautiful 19th century iconic architecture. In fact, it is known as the city of ‘a hundred spires’.

3. IRELAND – For The Dubliners

2016 travel destinations 3

This beautiful island in the mysterious North Atlantic should be the reason enough for your travel. And if you have thoroughly read and admired Joyce, would’nt you like to meet the Dubliners? And not to forget, the world’s best brewers!

4. JAPAN – Cherry Blossom

2016 travel destinations 4

Ideal getaway for those who need a tech break while traveling. Japan, as we all know leads the world technologically, but what you did’nt know is that you should plan your Spring Break to this epitome of oriental beauty. The time of the cherry blossoms.

5. VANCOUVER, For the connoisseur

2016 travel destinations 5

For those who love museums and paintings and art houses, you should definitely visit, Canada’s most populated and ethnically diverse cities.



If you think that this city in the UAE was only about sprawling skyscrapers, do think again. The city in itself is something that you have never seen before.

7. LADAKH- The Land Of Passes

2016 travel destinations 7

Closer home, is a beautiful city locked in mountain passes, Leh. A paradise for bikers and those who wish to take road trips along the more rugged wing of the Himalayas.

8. AMSTERDAM- For the Queen in you

Canal. Amsterdam. Netherland

You could bicycle around the city that is a characteristic tourist thing every visitor there does. You could visit Anne Frank’s house (Read TFIOS?). One does not run out of things to do in the Capital Kingdom of Netherlands.

9. Go GOA

2016 travel destinations 9

In case you haven’t already been there. Goa is the most exotic location in India, so far as culture and food is concerned. The beaches are probably the best in India as well. Well, who needs to go to Bangkok when you can enjoy everything at half the pocket pinch?

10. VERONA – In case you had a Letter for Juliet…

2016 travel destinations 10

Northern Italy. Its claim to fame dates back to 1595, when Shakespeare placed his lovers Romeo and Juliet here. Beautiful lanes and fairy tale like houses mark this iconic lover’s city. In fact, the city still has Juliet’s house and that’s a major attraction.

There is no substitute to traveling. To travel new places, meet new people. To quote Aldous Huxley, “To travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about other countries”

Sutanuka Pal

Apart from reading and writing and socializing, she believes what she does best is traveling and eating. She considers herself a connoisseur of good food and it's her hobby to try out new things at iconic joints in the cities she visits. She cooks, she feeds and as on the one hand she loves the company of some people, she retires to her solitude quite often.

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