Travel Predictions: 2016 will Break the Normal Codes of Traveling

Life is monotonous. Men and women, irrespective of class and breed are chasing happiness round the clock. Futile and frustrated they escape their target oriented life when they travel. Thanks to advancement in communication and indomitable spirit, people are ready to go beyond known horizons. Be it Alaska or Africa, every destination is at the gasp of wanderers. As we are heading towards a new year, let’s have a quick look at the possible predictions on traveling for 2016.

More online bookings

2016 travel predictions 1

Goodbye to the days of unplanned and messy travel times. People are now eager to have a fixed travel diary. And, the online bookings are their greatest saviors. It gives them an array of options and they can pre-book everything from hotel to vehicle. As per a recent study, online revenues from travel bookings are expected to jump to 10%.

Low-cost Air Flight

2016 travel predictions 2

Good news!!! All the major airlines are expected to reduce their fares by 2016. They are likely to drop fares between 2-3% from the average airfare price. It will make room for you to set your travel plan in the Far East or Europe. Folks!!! Start packing your bags.

New Place, New Adventure

2016 travel predictions 3

Trips to Dubai, Switzerland or Goa will no more top the list of dream tourist destination. People have added interesting and unknown places in tour diary. Massai Mara or Spain’s Ibzia are quickly getting the votes of new-age travelers.

Travel Apps and dedicated social networking sites

Using World Map on Apple Ipad2

Application featuring all the details of the travel destinations, pre-booking options, best tours, and trips are leading at the Andriod and iOS markets. Reports say that these apps will increase to 50% in 2016. In addition of that, the special advantage of push notifications of those applications will help the travelers to know special discounts and features before selecting their travel destinations. And count thousands of social networking sites. They will connect you with the like-minded people. Make friends before and at the tours always make the trip memorable.

Business Travel

2016 travel predictions 5

The sector of business travel is blooming. More people are looking for a short trip in a foreign land after a hectic business meeting. Their plans will go on hike from 2016, predicts the report. Don’t forget to pack your holidays’ apparel besides your tuxedo. Reports say business air travel is likely to increase by 9%.

New Means for Travel

2016 travel predictions 6

Gone the days of travel for just sightseeing. In 2016, a lot of traveling will take place for the purpose. Ideas of “Destination Wedding” or “Experiential” traveling will fill the vacuum. Young people full of zeal and passion are set to break the barriers of traveling. Thinking out of the box they look forward to a trip which will be their treasure for rest of the life. Even in India, people are opting for going in the terrain of Chattisgarh or beyond the northern region just to have the extra amount of fun and adventure in traveling. Are you among them?

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