10 Safest Travel Destinations for Solo Women Travelers

All you single ladies! You have done it all. You have your own house, your own car, you are strong and independent. Now it’s time for you to take it one step further and go on a vacation. All on your own. So here are ten of the safest destinations for solo women travelers.

1. Toronto, Canada

safest destinations for solo women travellers 1

Canada is among the safest countries for solo women travelers. The cultural diversity of the country and its most populated and diverse cities, namely, Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal are very popular destinations among single traveling women in the US and the world.

2. Costa Rica, America

safest destinations for solo women travellers 2

This beautiful city in Central America is famous for its natural beauty. Volcanoes, beaches, wildlife-rich jungles, and waterfalls are a delight. Plus the Caribbean and Pacific coastlines! It’s Paradise for the nature babe.

3. Auckland, New Zealand

safest destinations for solo women travellers 3

Untouched pastoral beauty is how one describes New Zealand. With a comparatively low population, this country has been marked safe for women. You can enjoy your vacation cycling through the hills and exploring Maori tribal art.

4. Brussels, Belgium

safest destinations for solo women travellers 4

Interested in European history? You should totally love Belgium. Once upon a time ravaged by the World Wars, ironically, is today among the safer tourist destinations. Renaissance architecture and beautiful castles, Belgium, is a peek into history. Also since we are addressing the ladies, how on earth can we forget the Belgian chocolate?

5. Reykjavik, Iceland

safest destinations for solo women travellers 5

Geysers, hot springs, glaciers, waterfalls, black sand beaches. Ice climbing, hiking, snowmobiling. The only populated place, Reykjavik, is famous for its colorful nightlife. For the ladies who love adventure, Iceland is your destination.

6. Vienna, Austria

safest destinations for solo women travellers 6

Mozart! Beethoven! However, that’s not all about Austria. Predominantly a land of a culture that’s class apart, Vienna is known for its exquisite palaces and museums. And that’s not all too. You can go skiing along the Alps.

7. Zurich, Switzerland

safest destinations for solo women travellers 7

More Alps, more skiing, more hiking. The soft snow that envelopes this beautiful country is absolutely delightful. Also, mountain resorts are safe, as well as affordable. The country is a culinary paradise, there is the Lake Geneva and some beautiful scenic spots.

8. Stockholm, Sweden

safest destinations for solo women travellers 8

As on the one hand, this place has snow enough for skiing, on the other, it has lush green mountains and forests and coastal islands. The cobblestone streets, ochre buildings of Glama Stan are a visual delight and it is connected to Stockholm by ferries and boats.

9. Helsinki, Finland


The peninsular land on the Baltic Sea. Known for its rich cultural heritage, art museums, and palaces. If you are lucky however you can experience the Northern lights, that can be seen from its Arctic Lapland province.

10. Copenhagen, Denmark

safest destinations for solo women travellers 10

The country has a unique geography with the Jutland Peninsula and offshore islands. Copenhagen’s picturesque streets flanked with closely huddled buildings on both sides transports you to the world of those fairy tales…where everything is perfect!

Safety is and always has been an issue. But, remember, “In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take”.

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