Dare to Travel: 10 Dangerous Vacation Destinations in India

Some of us are just not satisfied with peace, romance, and serenity. They need the adventure to survive. Vacations, for them, need to be memorable experiences where the lines between life and death are blurred by sheer thrill. So let’s take a look at 10 dangerous vacation destinations in India that can provide such amusement.

1) Dras: “The Gateway to Ladakh”

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This is the second coldest inhabited place in the world, made worse by long periods of rain and snowfall. If you think you can beat frostbite, be prepared to face bullets too. Attacked during the Kargil war, it has heavy military protection.

2) Chambal Valley

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The beauty of the river and the greenery of the valley in Central India are threatened by lethal dacoit activity. So put your heart in a shock-proof jar before you set out to explore the mysterious caves and ravines.

3) Kailash Manasarovar Pilgrimage

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What sense does pilgrimage make if there are no challenges? Kailash greets you with altitude sickness (18000 feet), nausea, breathing trouble and blurred vision on a route that is already life-threatening. Brace all your gods before you embark on it!

4) Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan

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Bhangarh needs no separate mention. It is believed to be inhabited by our otherworldly folks, some of them not so friendly. There have been reports of missing tourists, mysterious deaths and some thrill-seekers who have apparently gone mad from fright. The place is suspiciously shut down after dusk. Supernatural fans, grab some salt!

Here is a list of most haunted places in India. Do check them out and get thrilled!

5) Kolli Hills, Tamil Nadu

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It is notorious for the narrow, winding roads. To reach the hills, one has to survive about 70 threatening hairpin bends. The view is tricky and vehicles seem to appear out of thin air if one does not drive carefully. As if that wasn’t enough, there is a spooky lore about a female spirit that lures and kills travelers.

6) Bastar, Chattisgarh

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The unmanned terrain makes it ideal for guerrilla activity. It is known for Naxal violence. If you are brave enough to look death in the eye, the breath-taking beauty of this place is worth all the trouble.

7) Stok Kangri Trek, Ladakh

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One of India’s toughest treks, it leads to the highest trekking summit in the country (6100 meters). One has to conquer steep ascent, oxygen deficiency, and dry terrain and also cross glaciers that can easily sweep humans away. Only for the iron-hearted!

List of toughest and most challenging treks in India

8) Rajabhatkawa, West Bengal

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It is the entry point for the core area of the Buxa Tiger Reserve. But Tigers are the least of your problems; they follow a code. Forest fires, poisonous weeds, and Bodo militants, however, don’t. Special passes are required to enter the region.

9) RoopKund, Uttarakhand

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The trek leading to RoopKund is interrupted by abrupt climate changes, fierce hailstorms, and dipping oxygen levels, not to forget the dizzying altitude of 16,000 feet. If you survive the tough journey, you will be able to take a look at the mysterious skeletal remains at the edges of the lake.

10) Lumding-Haflong, Assam

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The train ride from Lumding to Haflong will entrance you with the view of verdant natural forests. But the thorn on this rose is the threat of attacks by Black Widow, a deadly terrorist organization, not the hot woman in a tight suit.
With the growing enthusiasm for adventure trips among the youth, the popularity of these places is also on the rise.

So if you are in a perpetual adrenaline rush and love living on the edge, these places must find an entry in your travel diaries.

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