Top 10 Travel apps for the Travel Junkies

We all love to travel, explore the world and have new experiences. Travel indeed gives us a break from all the worldly things and return to our own selves. Traveling is a great experience but sometimes it gets difficult to keep track of places, routes, food options and also the best thing of the places we visit. Hence we have technological advancements serving us the rescue.

There are a lot of mobile and web applications that provide with minded solutions to travel junkies. If you have plans of making a journey any soon, we have Top 10 travel apps for the Travel Junkies to keep track of their needs. Read on!

1. Google Maps

Travel App Google Map1
Tracking the route and knowing if you are going in the right direction gets easy with Google maps. Google maps provide you with time, speed and distance knowledge while traveling.

2. Google Translate

Having language problems when traveling into different countries? Just download Google translate and decode them!

3. TripAdvisor

trip advisor

TripAdvisor provides you with the best hotels, sight-seeing options and most visited place’s list of where you are traveling. Obviously, it is a must-needed thing when traveling.

4. TripIt

tripit1 Tripit-app-for-travel-2
TripIt is an app that brings all your travel details from flight schedules to car renting, hotel booking and more at a place and keeps you on track. It combines all the travel details and constructs a quick itinerary of your trip.

5. Swarm

swarm1 swarm_group
It’s a great check in app that lets to make a mark wherever you go. Swarm allows you to know about the tips other travelers have left and also creates a visual world map marking all the places you have been to. Great for making memories on the world map!

6. Snapchat

Snapchat is the best app to share the live moments with your friends no matter how far they are! For a quick update of the view you are having and little life things you experience, Snapchat creates a day-wise story of your moments.

7. Currency

Different places have different currency denotations and hence there arises a need to help you get instant money translating solutions. Currency app helps you get track of translating money into other currencies.

8. Zomato

Of course, when you travel you need food solution according to taste. Zomato helps you find the right kind of food at the nearest places.

9. WeatherPro

Helps you know the weather conditions of the place you are further going to. Helps you keep track of your needed tools.

10. LoungeBuddy

loungebuddy1 loungbuddy_2
Having multiple flights to catch and don’t have a place to rest or freshen up. Just punch in your access details and LoungeBuddy helps you track of the lounges at Airport that extend services for you!

Download these apps and get going for a safe and hassle-free journey!

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