7 Beautiful Places Nearby Rameshwaram, South India

Travelling is one of the greatest experiences one can actually invest their energy and financial credits for experiencing new nooks and corners of the world. Travelling and exploring, both open up new cultural horizons. No matter whether you are planning to find a gateway to local or national or international place to visit. India’s cultural and scenic beauty never ceases to amaze people and leaves them with a memory of tantalizing experiences, most of which linger in their heart for forever. But in the era of an ever-growing pace of work, taking a vacation seems an improbable idea.

If you’re lazing around on your weekends and procrastinating about taking that long-planned unsuccessful vacation, here’s an option to treat your enthusiasm nerves and discover the 7 Beautiful places nearby Rameshwaram.

7 Beautiful places nearby Rameshwaram

  1. Kanyakumari

Kanyakumari2 Kanyakumari1 Kanyakumari3
Also known as Cape Comorin (as it was named during the British Colonial era) this majestic coastal town in Tamil Nadu is just 294kms away. And it’s regarded as one of the perfect getaway spots if you’re willing to go on a vacation for a weekend. The town has a rich cultural heritage with several temples that would surely give you a complete spiritual uplift. And if you happen to be a nature lover, don’t miss out the majestic sunrise and sunset from the beaches over there.

2. Madurai

Madurai2 Madurai1
At a distance of only 148km away from Rameshwaram, Madurai has been attracting pilgrims and travelers from all over the world for its utmost majestic Meenakshi Devi Temple, which was built in accordance with Dravidian architecture. There is a wide array of authentic South Indian cuisines available to indulge in. And it’s another ideal vacation spot if you’re willing to go down the lane of Indian history.

3. Ooty

If you’re a nature lover and seeking solace in the weekends, Ooty would be the ideal place to visit on your weekends. Situated only 262kms away from Rameshwaram, the grandeur of tea gardens in the hills and along the slopes of the valleys would leave you spellbound! Breathe fresh salubrious air and rediscover your inner true self in the very heart of nature.

4. Pondicherry

pondichery1 Pondicherry2 Pondicherry3
Home of the ancient French colonization, this quaint, little town is located 300km away from Rameshwaram. And it has been heralded for its extremely kempt roads, beautiful exotic cuisines and rich cultural heritage which would take back down the lane of history. Dotted with numerous temples, this town raked a lot of tourists over time. It will surely be a perfect getaway spot for your weekend.

5. Thekkady

Thekkady3 Thekkady1 Thekkady2
For the wildlife lovers, it is a perfect place to make a boat ride in Periyar Lake and indulge in the sheer excitement of spotting a tiger or group of elephants in the Periyar Forest. You can also choose to stay at the Periyar Forest Bungalow and listen to the mellifluous sounds of the birds at the dawn and dusk. Located only 233km away from Rameshwaram, it is an absolute visit spot if you’re tired of working in the cubicle for days.

6. Thanjavur

Thanjavur1 Thanjavur2
Located at approx 170km away from Rameshwaram, Thanjavur or Tanjore is your destination if you’re passionate about spiritual enlightenment and willing to see the historical edifices that you once read from the pages of your history books. With numerous temples scattered around, Tanjore has been declared as a UNESCO heritage site. This has added the influx of architecture lovers and passionate tourists who want to experience the true Dravidian architectures of the ancient world.

7. Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal3 Kodaikanal1 Kodaikanal2
Renowned as the Princess of the Hills, Kodaikanal is 284km away from Rameshwaram. It happens to be the perfect place for wanderlusts to explore and get lost in the arms of nature. With impeccably beautiful spots like Berijam Lake, Kodai Lake, Dolphin’s nose and other exquisite spots to explore, you’ll definitely love to see the breathtaking beauty of the hills and would crave for another trip.

While some might be lovers of comfy materialistic luxuries, there are always some people who are willing to explore the history of royal India. So if you’re sick of spending your weekends doing nothing, pack up your bags and lace up your travelling boots and start to explore.

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