10 Budgeted Adventurous Trips with College Friends in India

College days are the best time of our lives. We live a lot of true relations and feeling when we are young. The strict rules that used to exist during school days are gone by now and we start entering into a more open and independent environment. Getting permissions from parents is not as tough as it used to be and you again make new friends who make you take the new road to new experiences.

Because college life is still a study phase, we mostly depend on our savings and pocket money for our adventures and trips. Hence there is a need to stay budgeted. Here is an insight of the 10 budgeted adventurous trips with college friends in India!

Manali expedition

A short expedition trip to Manali with mountain climbing has won hearts of people all over, as you witness snow, waterfalls and excellent experience here.

Road trip to Leh

Leh is a serene heavenly experience for bikers. The highest motor-able road lets you travel with very minimal expenses on your side.

Rafting in Rishikesh

Why travel much when we have adventurous places nearby. Rishikesh has sports like river rafting and bunjee jumping that shall perfectly fit your budget.

Mumbai to Goa

Need we say more? This is the most budgeted adventurous trip you can take to seal that college-bond! Ride or drive to Goa and spend a week into water and chilling around the beach.


This is India’s own Scotland. Why travel far away when we have the best of the world. Coorg is a 2 days trip, with very less expense and amazing experiences.

Rediscover Punjab

When it comes to taking a trip to the culture and spiritual India, Punjab is the place to be. Amritsar, Chandigarh or Wagah border, you are sure to love the fun that a low-budget travel to Punjab shall entice you.


Houseboats, lagoons, waterways; Cruze lazily while nature tells you a story! Easy on the pocket and capturing the delightful scenic beauty, Alleppey is the place to be if you like nature trips!


Darjeeling is India’s own Switzerland! With a scenic sunrise-sunsets view of Mount Kanchenjunga and the glory of Darjeeling tea! It is India’s most budgeted trip.


Travel into the British era and love India the way you have never imagined before. With lot of French architecture and mood, Pondicherry is a two day budgeted trip for a friends group!


Mini-Tibet (Dharamshala) holds a lot of beauty and sight-seeing. Influencing food, people, and culture, Dharamshala is the new attraction filled with hill adventures and beauty! A traveler’s paradise and perfect for a college trip!

What are you waiting for? Live your college days and make some unforgettable memories for life!

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