5 Ways To Avoid Over-packing During Trips

When it comes to taking that much-awaited trip we have all been guilty of packing things way more than we need to. It is not unusual for people to carry things they never give much thought to otherwise. But over packing stuff can hinder your vacation in ways more than one. So we thought of a few ways to avoid over-packing during trips.

Go for a medium size bags

It all begins when you choose a luggage bag that is way too big. A medium sized carry bag should do unless you are going for a trek. Keep it compact and light. A roller board backpack is ideal for solo travelers.

Lay off the clothing

You might have the impulse to wear everything your closet has on your trip but that would only crowd your luggage pointlessly. Instead, you could use a bit of innovation with few pairs of jeans and a couple of shirts and dress to get different looks each day. Three outfits can be made out to 6 with the right permutations and combinations.

Avoid new toiletries

You will not need a lot of them since your hotel provides with everything. Full sized toiletries will only occupy a larger space and worse you will have to carry them home all the way.

Roll up your clothes and tuck some essentials in shoes

This is a complete game changer. If you will be out for too long it becomes necessary to carry extra clothes and inner garments. If you roll up your clothes and keep them in alternating horizontal and vertical patterns, it saves a whole lot of space. Another trick is to tuck some of the essentials inside the extra shoes you must be carrying along. This also lessens the weight which is effective if you are flying on board.

Too many gadgets will only spoil the fun

The idea of a vacation is to set aside the monotony of every other day and plunge into unknown amusement. It is more about living the experience than getting them clicked and framed. It is okay to bring a camera with few extra cells but set aside all your tabs and Kindle books. They will not guide you along the way. And moreover, who needs technology amidst the peace of nature?

With all these ways to avoid over-packing during trips, it is time for you to embark on that much-coveted trip and make the utmost of memories.

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