11 Hacks To Visit Scotland For Almost Free!

Eager to travel to the land of Scots but strapped for cash? Here are some hacks which would let you travel for free or at least incur the minimum expenses anywhere in the world, especially in Scotland. Located on the fringes of Great Britain, this country is famous for its highlands and landscapes. You could go backpacking across the terrains and camp in the meadows. There are other ways to reduce the expenses too.




11 Hacks for Economical Travel in Scotland

1. Book for tickets (flight/train) during the offseason

To balance the equation between demand and supply, the in-season flight and train tickets are usually more expensive. So availing the tickets beforehand and not during the peak time could considerably reduce your expenses.

2. Old friends and New

Make new friends, create contacts and reach out to those who would let you crash on their couch for free for a few days. Be sure to make local friends, for they would be the best people to approach for routes. They would be able to guide to the best and economical local cuisine.

3. Log in to Couchsurfing websites

Such websites let you know about those people who are willing to offer their couches for a free stay. However, pay attention to the comments and ratings and be cautious.

4. Learn the local language and research on the area

A prior knowledge of the area might prove to be handy. Memorise the map of the area, so that the locals don’t take advantage of your lack of knowledge. If you don’t have time to learn the language, make sure that you at least know some of the most commonly used words to be able to communicate with the locals.

5. Work your Stay

There are some places in Scotland where you can stay and get food in exchange for some menial labor like make the beds for other residents or wash dishes or take care of pets, and the likes. For instance, you could get a cottage for free, if you agree to help the owners with their business for the duration of your stay at Attendale House and Gardens. You would only have to work for a few hours, the rest of the day you would be free. You could go explore the area, take a stroll in the garden if you please. The historic Shetland guest house by the sea also offers similar arrangement, where you can board for free, provided you helped out with the daily management of the guest house. The Chisholme House is a Downtown-Abbeyeque estate sprawled over hundreds of acres. You could help the owners with cooking and gardening in-exchange for a free stay.

6. Exchange your Skills

You could offer your skills in-exchange for free stay and food.

7. Get a local temporary job

This way you would get to interact with the locals and acquire information about the area easily. At the same time, you will also be earning money.

8. Camp in the wilderness

If you are a lover of nature who revels being outdoors, you could opt for camping. In Scotland, you can pitch your tent anywhere as long as you are not violating any laws or straying to private properties.

9. Shop from the local markets and not from the tourist stores

The rates for the tourists are usually inflated. So you should get acquainted with the locals and tag along with them to get your supplies at an economical rate.

10. Hike away

Hike as much as possible. Take a long walk and avoid taking any other means of transportation unless you have to travel a considerable distance.

11. Travel with friends

Expenses come down drastically if you travel in a group. Plan a weekend away with your friends at Forsinard Flows.


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