Awesomesauce Hong Kong: Things That You Should Do!

Hong Kong has been a commercial and tourist capital of China for a very long time, alongside various other Chinese cities. The vibrant streets and old charm of the city makes it so popular. Studded with skyscrapers, this city is one of the pride of People’s Republic of China. The scrumptious cuisine offered in the region becomes another reason for enthusiasts to travel all across the world to visit the wonderful Chinese city.

Even though the city is full of life, populated and always bustling, it happens to also have vast territories of nature parks and reserves and tries to foster as much as natural preservation as possible. Hot and humid summers are followed by a lowered temperature in winter with occasional showers.

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Where the East meets the West.

Dominated by British rule and culture for over years, Hind Kong has a strong influence of the English culture amalgamated with the culture of the Northern Chinese province. This brings in a beautiful agglomeration of cultures, food, festivities, and celebrations. Bruce Lee is one of the best examples to put forward, a legendary star and pride of Hong Kong. The government hosts various cultural, dance, music, and arts activities all through the years, making the tourism soar.

When we mention the mix of the culture, it is also not able to mention how Hong Kong has something for everyone who visits the place. Whether it is the demand for a tour with your 5-year-old son or your fashionista wife, the city has it all.

Places to Visit

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  • Disneyland

The Disneyland located in Hong Kong boasts of bringing smiles to millions for time immemorial. The ocean park in Hong Kong is another famous tourist spot where children and adults can escape for a fun and frolic filled adventure.

  • Ngong Ping 360

For the adventurous lot, the Ngong Ping 360 cable car an entertainment center is located in one of the islands of Hong Kong, another very famous tourist destination.

  • Tian Tan Buddha

The Tian Tan Buddha is sought by manu, being one of the significant landmarks atop a hill. It is on the Language island and is made of bronze.

  • Lantau peak

The Lantau peak is another landmark which is again of great tourist importance and worth seeing. The Peak tram provides a luxurious journey to Victoria Peak, again traveled by both tourists and residents. The breathtaking view of the skyscrapers is not worth missing for anything. The.Kowloon eight mountains and Victoria Harbour can be seen on clear days.

  • Temples and monasteries

The Po Lin Monastery, ten thousand Buddha’s monastery, Man Mo temple along with thousands of other significant monasteries provide pilgrimage to Buddhists from all over the world. The architects are beautiful and the level of spirituality carried by these areas bring in an aura which is irreplaceable.

  • Tsing Ma Bridge

The Tsing Ma Bridge is another landmark which should not be missed when in Hong Kong. It carried the charm of the place and the gigantism is mesmerizing.

  • Museums

Hong Kong also boasts of museums like that of Science, Art, culture, and Heritage. These places carry the rich heritage and significance of Hong Kong, widening our knowledge towards this ancient place inhabited by mixed cultures.

  • Victoria Harbour

The Victoria Harbour hosts beautiful and breath-taking light shows at night. And it is truly breath-taking to experience it in the skyscraper-studded sky.

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The food trail in Hong Kong.

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The food trail which is available in Hong Kong is possibly one of the best of Chinese cuisine. It is again a true example of the mix of two very dominating cultures. This leave with us a beautiful cuisine which will tingle your taste buds for a very long time.

The dim sums are to die for, ranging from various types of meat to the most delicious types of seafood. Experience the true dim sum experience in either Michelin starred restaurants or the undying street food culture. While avenging the famous street markets and shopping cheap goodies, one can indulge in the extravagant display of street food available. From the weirdest creatures to the most delicious Chinese meals, there is something for all.


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Shopping is a definite yes in Hong Kong. From top designers in the famous Times Square mall to shopping on the markets and flea bazaars, Hong Kong like many other Asian cities is excellent for shopping.

Visit Hong Kong for an experience of a lifetime and carry memories to cherish forever!


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