Love With The Wild? 10 Best Travel Destinations In The World

How many times do you wonder about being one with Nature and observing it from up close? Or being a part of those lush green jungles and wandering on the winding parts that lead to the heart of beauty. We have come up with a list of best travel destinations that you must visit in order to be a part of Nature. Let the journey begin.

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10 Best Travel Destinations to be in the world if you are in love with the wild

1. Hawaii, with its postcard-perfect beauty.

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Molokai in Hawaii will take you on a journey where the wild merges with beauty. A place that is regarded as a standard as to how other places must like. Discover the waterfalls, long stretches of islands, ruins from ancient times and the untouched beauty of development and technology makes it even more mesmerizing.

2. Canada and its wilderness.

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The national park which lies in Alberta, Canada defines the rugged beauty of wild. A place to become one with the canyons. You can hike, camp and take as many pictures as you like of the beauty that lies in front of you.

3. The forests of Venezuela.

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The beauty of the Mount Roraima is beyond our measure to describe. It’s a peak that is shaped like an anvil which rises from the forests and is culmination point of Guyana, Venezuela and Brazil. Those who reach the peak are rewarded by the clouds and the beautiful pastures that lie underneath.

4. Nature at its best in Utah.

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The sculpture of beauty that will lie ahead of you when you are in the Canyonlands is mesmerizing. The rivers, the dramatic, expansion of rocks, the strips of canyons, the gardens that bloom with wildflowers, the meadows that are hidden and the display of colours. If you want to be a part of this beauty and watch the vivid display of colours then be here.

5. The land of beauty, Peru.

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Visit the land of the beautiful alpacas and llamas. They are precious with their long necks and cuddly faces. Roam around the hills with them and enjoy the scenic beauty.

6. The mystic Jujuy Province in Argentina.

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In the northwestern region of Argentina lies the Jujuy Province. A remote area where you will be able to find an array of colours.

7. The beguiling beauty of Denmark.

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Hiding at the foot of a mountain lies the Faroe Islands. Scotland’s coast is only a few miles away. So, you will get a view of everything.

8. The dazzling and blinding beauty of Switzerland.

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The light that spreads over the snow-capped valleys is a sight to watch. Centuries have passed by but the minds and souls of travellers couldn’t be satisfied by the beauty of Switzerland. Watch the sparkling beauty of St. Moritz here.

9. The picturesque beauty of Zambia.

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How will you ever be able to match the beauty of this place? Watch the best waterfalls in Zambia, the one that divides Zimbabwe and Zambia. Yes, the Victoria Falls are a sight that you can’t miss. Dry or rainy both the seasons are extremely beautiful and worth capturing.

10. The wildness of Borneo.

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How much do you love animals who reside in the wild? Visit different species of leopards, elephants, rhinos, birds, reptiles and the orangutans. A place on earth where they are still present. Don’t you wanna meet them in their natural habitat? They are taken care of here and regarded as the most valued treasure of Borneo.

For the lovers of nature and wild, the skyscrapers and technology seem like a modern-day captivity. Break free those shackles that bind you and come visit the unprecedented beauty that nature has in store for you.

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