Top 10 Places For Throwing Your Bachelorette Party Movie Style

Are you about to tie the knot? How about having that crazy, wild and fun-filled Bachelorette Party that includes all your sweethearts? A trip that is filled with splurging on delicacies, indulging in shopping and partying like there is no tomorrow.

10 Best Places For Throwing Your Bachelorette Party Movie Style

1. The sin city – Las Vegas

Bachelorette Party

You and your gals can be in Vegas for all the fun and thrill it has in store. Pamper yourself with spas, shopping, drinking and dancing here. Play at the casinos and hit the dance floor in your dazzling clothes and high heels.

2. New Orleans, the ultimate spot for BachelorettesImage result for New Orleans

You are not the first and you won’t be the last to party before your wedding here in New Orleans. Packed with people who are here to party, you and your pack of besties will be just a few other people in the crowd. Watch the musicals, splurge in shopping, get mani-pedis done and when it is night time put on your high heels and rock the dance floor.

3. Miami, a place known for its beachesImage result for Miami + beach

The nightclubs and beaches make Miami the place that it is today. Soak in the goodness of the sun and get the die-for tanned body before your wedding bells ring. Come nighttime, hit the bars and the clubs of the place which will only offer a time that you will not forget.

4. The mesmerizing Puerto RicoBachelorette Party

The paradise which sits on the shores of the Caribbean is one of the most beautiful places you go with your girl gang before the stress and anxieties that your wedding has in store for you. San Juan is affordable and doesn’t lack places for you to have fun. Hit the bars, casinos, nightclubs and so many other venues to party.  There are buses available here that you can book to roam around and guess what it has within. Poles, seats made of leather, and dance floors.

5. New York City and its charmImage result for New York City

For all those who love to splurge on shopping, spas, strip clubs and bars. Check out the lavish boutiques or hit the stores that have the best antiques. The bars and clubs are open all night long so forget your sleep, shrug off your inhibitions and party with your gang.

6. Orlando, a place that one can’t overlook

Image result for Orlando

Relax and detoxify here in Orlando, Florida. Visit the theme parks, shop, enjoy the buffets and brunch that your hotel will be accommodating you with. The famous bar that is rooftop is a must visit place for it is a centre of attraction here.

7. Mexico and its beauty are here for you ladiesImage result for mexico bachelorette party

A place called Cabo San Lucas is renowned for its nightlife and beaches that are found here sit on the southernmost tip of Peninsula. It’s very popular for being a party spot among students and you can be one among them basking in the sun during the day and swaying your body to the music when the sun sets.

8. The intoxicating Napa Valley in CaliforniaImage result for Napa Valley in California

Famous for its wine it also has much more in store for you bachelorettes. Ride the hot air balloon and view the world from above. Pamper your body with spas and savour the most delicious food in the finest diners here.

 9. Assembly of the party lovers – Amsterdam in the NetherlandsImage result for Amsterdam in the Netherlands

One of the most famous places to visit on earth which is friendly and incorporate some spectacular sights for everyone to enjoy. The cobbled toned city with its canals will be perfect for you guys. Explore the city on bicycles (which will be up for hire).

10. Enjoy Scottsdale with your pack of girls today

Image result for Scottsdale

The pools, spas, resorts, clubs and the mesmerizing beauty of this place are worth every penny. Come here before you are going to be someone’s wifey and enjoy the beauty of Scottsdale in Arizona.

Pack your bags, call your besties and discuss the plans that your mind is already weaving for your bachelorette trip. Spend a weekend or an entire week in any one of these fun-filled places on earth that are waiting for you all.

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