7 Best Waterfalls Around Mumbai That You Must Visit During Monsoons

Monsoon is the season of love with the pinch of emotion with every drop of rain that falls on the ground. While some lay in their bed with a hot chocolate coffee and a book to read there are others that prefer the thrills and wonders of nature during the monsoon season. There are many waterfalls around Mumbai that pack a load of tourist during this season. Here is a list of the best waterfalls around Mumbai for you!

7 Best Waterfalls In Mumbai


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Just 10 km around Bhandardara bus stop one can find the pravara river flowing down a whopping 170 feet in a beautiful gorge. In monsoon, the ferocity of the river increases which attracts a lot of tourists to this location. The temple on the side of the ledge of the mountain provides a spectacular viewpoint. For those with interest in photography, this place is a heaven.


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At a distance of only 500 m from Bhandardara village lays the enormous Wilson Dam during the monsoon season when the water overflows, the water gushes out from an opening in the northern side making the picture-perfect Umbrella Falls. This fall is seasonal so only during the monsoon the water overflows in the dam and this spectacular fall comes to live.


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One of the most spectacular falls in Maharashtra during the monsoon is the Vajrai Falls. This is a perennial waterfall but is astonishing in the monsoon. This is a three-tier waterfall which cascades down at a height of 859 feet. There are many caves to explore for the adventurous couples who want to spend time exploring.


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At a distance of 2 km from Someshwar temple, 9 km from Nasik and 176 km from Mumbai lies this breathtaking waterfall. It is just 10 m in height but with all the greenery in monsoon it becomes jaw-dropping. This is normally a famous spot for the youngster of Nasik to hang out for a peaceful evening.


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At a distance of 28 KM from Nasik lies this beautiful natural waterfall near Sapgon. Durgawadi is a great place for the adventurous duos with dense forest, the waterfall and the peaceful atmosphere. It will make you forget all the daily headaches of life.


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This seasonal waterfall is situated at Vihigaon village. The water plunges 120 feet into a deep pool. Located in a dense forest, the visiting tourists often catch a glimpse of different species of birds. The conditions are perfect for rappelling during the monsoon.


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This is one of the highest waterfalls in Maharashtra formed from Lendi River. At just 168 Km away from Mumbai lies this beast of a waterfall. It is mainly spectacular in the monsoon season when the flow of the water is high and the is a lush of greenery around. It is famously known for adventure sports like kayaking, rappelling, crossing valley zip line, laddering, trekking and fishing.

The Nights are the best with nothing apart from the roaring falls in the background amidst the romance.

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