7 Most Incredible Swimming Pools That Occur Naturally In The World

If you are anything like us, then you know how amazing the clear, turquoise colour of the water attracts you. It might be the sole reason for you to be on an airplane. When the temperature rises a few degrees it is only the crystal and tempting water that can come to your aid. So, it is time you explore the natural pools spread all over the world. This is the best time to be around water bodies and not something that is overcrowded by tourists. It is time you walk the path to a different route. Places that are nestled amidst nature and would be totally hard to resist.

7 Most Incredible and Natural Swimming Pools: A Must Go-through List

1. Devil’s Pool

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Located in Zimbabwe, you will find the Devil’s pool. It leans close to the biggest waterfalls in the whole world, the Victoria Falls. With the presence of guides and surreal beauty all around you, this can be one of the best places to visit.

2. Jellyfish Lake

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This lake is found on the Eil Malk island in the archipelago of islands in Micronesia. This lake is a place where innumerable golden jellyfish visit on a daily basis. You might be scared of the stings of a jellyfish, but the ones in this lake are harmless. They won’t harm you. So, go snorkelling and enjoy.

3. Fingal’s Cave

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On the Western side of the archipelago in Scotland, you will find this beautiful place called Fingal’s Cave. The beauty of the cave lies in the arched, cathedral style roof. You will feel the sound of the waves echoing inside the cave due to its size.

4. The Great Blue Hole

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One of the many reasons to be in Belize is the Great Blue Hole. Lying close to the Lighthouse Reef lies this ring-shaped beauty. It is only one hundred and twenty-four metres deep and three hundred eighteen metres wide. So, if you are in dire need of a vacation this can be the place for you. Dive deep into this sinkhole or go snorkelling, but don’t miss out on this beauty.

5. Havasu Falls

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This is one of the best falls that is located in the Grand Canyon of Arizona State in the United States of Kingdom. It is an oasis amidst the dry and hot National Park in Grand Canyon. The mesmerizing greenish-blue colour of the water can steal anyone’s breath away.

6. The Blue Grotto

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This is a cave that is found on Capri(an island) in the Southern most part of Italy. The magical bluish-green colour of the crystal clear water is beyond our ability to describe. You can be here and experience first-hand beauty for yourself.

7. The Dead Sea

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Nestled right in the border of Jordan and Israel lies the Dead Sea. Although you can’t swim in this salty body of water it is still one of the greatest attractions in the world.

If you too are in love with water, then hop on to a plane and be anywhere among these naturally occurring swimming pools of the world.

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