10 Best Gifts For Friends Who Love To Travel

Finding the perfect and best gifts can be such a big hassle, especially for the ones you love and the ones you want to surprise.

So, in light of that today we take a look at some of the best travelling accessories and equipment that would make for wonderful gifts for your friends who love to travel.

10 Best Gifts For Travel Enthusiastic Friends

1. Cosmus 50 Ltrs Black Rain & Dust Black Pack Cover

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The 50 litres cover is extremely useful when it comes to protecting your previous luggage from heavy winds, dirt, dust and unannounced showers of rain when you are travelling. Made with reinforced PU coated waterproof material to last long and allow for maximum load carrying capacity, and the clip lock mechanism allows you to open and close it in just a few minutes when you need to.


  • Size can be adjusted to fit different travelling products
  • Dustproof and rain proof
  • Elastic fabric prevents rough wear and tear


  • Elastic can become a little fragile if constantly wet
  • Back buckle serves no purpose


2. Health and yoga Relaxing Gel Eye Mask with Stick-On Straps

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Forget tired and puffy eyes from your jet lag with this relaxing gel eye mask. Attached with Velcro straps for a tight but comfortable fit, this one can help you relax, block out light while you’re to sleep and can be used normally during the summer.


  • Can be used as a hot compress by dipping it in hot water
  • Moulds to the size and shape along your nose bridge
  • Can be refrigerated or used in normal temperatures


  • Gel can settle unevenly across the face
  • Needs to be refrigerated for at least 20 minutes before use

3. HP Odyssey T5P98AA Backpack for 15.6-inch Laptops (Black/Electric Green)

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Pack all of your larger essentials as well as small electronics with this Odyssey backpack from HP. Designed for a rough use, it has extra padding to protect all of your delicates and optimum space management and compartmentalization inside the bag cavity to separately store your things. Resistant nylon material makes it completely waterproof.


  • Multiple straps and loops to hole more things at once
  • Side mesh pockets to store your water bottle
  • Provided with internal and external padding for extra protection
  • Top hidden zipper for discretion


  • Weighing almost 1 kg, it is heavier than a number of backpacks

4. Saco Organizer Bag for all Gadgets, Small Electronics and Accessories & Other Digital Devices

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This travel-friendly pouch designed to store a number of small items together combines some incredible features – a very sleek design with really cool colours, good arranging features, mesh lining separating the compartments, all of which are of different sizes to hold different accessories of varying sizes.


  • Made with heavy duty padding to protect your gadgets from damage
  • High-end polyester material that is durable
  • Completely waterproof
  • A classy colour combination with effective design


  • Absence of zip on the outside
  • Space organization isn’t the very best
  • Is a little pricey compared to other travelling pouches

5. Amazon Basics Universal Travel Case for Small Electronics and Accessories (Black)

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This is a super handy and space-saving way of storing all of your electronic equipment every time that you have to travel. With a hard outer casing that protects from shock and damage, the inside is lined with fabric and mesh to offer protection. Store your cameras, phones, hard disks, chargers and other stuff with this super trendy and compact design. Carry it in your hands or simply stuff it in your bag!


  • Comes with extra compartmentalized mesh interior pockets
  • Removable wrist strap for easy handling
  • Multiple compartments for ease of storing


  • Hard zipper inside takes away from flexibility

6. F Gear Luxur Brown 25 liter Laptop Backpack

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Travel light and worry-free with this stylish, sleek and edgy laptop bag that is both lightweight and durable. Made with synthetic near identical leather, it is meant to protect your laptop even in the harsh rain. Put a water bottle along the sides or also fold in one set of clothes in the associate compartment and you are ready to head out!


  • Completely water resistant
  • External tough zippers for ease of use
  • Provided with a space to hold a water bottle
  • Shoulder straps with padding for extra comfort


  • Only comes with two zipper compartments
  • Not genuine leather but synthetic copy

7. AmazonBasics Automatic Travel Umbrella

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Made with stainless steel and durable, high-quality polyester fabric, this umbrella is provided with a switch at the base of the gripping handle which allows you to open it in a matter of seconds to protect yourself from a sudden downpour. Lightweight and portable, this can fit into any bag or backpack


  • Prefect for travelling and normal everyday use
  • Compact size makes for a perfect fit even in small bags
  • Opens up to its widest circumference in seconds


  • Not windproof
  • Is a little expensive compared to mechanical umbrellas
  • Since it is automatic, it needs maintenance

8. American Tourister Crete Polyester 67 cms Ink Blue Softsided Check-in Luggage (49W (0) 01 002)

Image result for American Tourister Crete Polyester 67 cms Ink Blue Softsided Check-in Luggage (49W (0) 01 002)

Functional and attractive, this travelling bag from American Tourist is designed keeping in mind daily travelling, with an extra mesh lining and compartments inside for easier sorting and storing of your luggage. It comes with a top compartment, expandable in size, for storing essential and handy things, all with quick zippers.


  • Wheels turn 360 degrees for easy movement and manoeuvring
  • Sturdy stitching and seams for durability
  • Tough polyester material
  • Top and side handles are retractable for ease of use


  • Handle tends to be a little delicate
  • Soft casting and hence not the sturdiest
  • Not water resistant

9. Intex Hand Air Pump, Multi Color

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Now you can carry inflatable travelling gear and sleeping bags without having to worry about pumping them out, with this Intex Hand Air Pump. Handy and small, it makes for the perfect travelling accessory if you are going out hiking, camping and need an air pump that is both light and durable.


  • Works for inflatable chair, bags, pools, and sleeping bags
  • Compact and hence easy to carry while travelling
  • Hard outer plastic body for durability and strength
  • Comes with 3 nozzles of different sizes


  • Cannot be used as a tyre inflator
  • Is manual and hence can be a little tiring

10. Timeout Travelkhushi Sleeping Mask (Blue)

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Sleep like a baby while travelling with this sleeping mask. Made with soft and high-quality cotton stuffing inside, this one blocks all kinds of light, allowing you the much-needed nap that you require while on a bus or a plane. Wash and simply air dry it when it gets dirty, no special care needed.


  • Made with soft cotton that moulds perfectly with your face
  • Firm fitting that does not let light seep in
  • Provided with elastic strap for ease of use


  • Wire frame can be a little uncomfortable
  • Fabric is not hypoallergic

Things to remember when buying travelling gifts for your friends

  • Set a budget: This seems like a no-brainer, but setting your budget is key to finding the perfect gift. Often, you may go to a shop, like something only to realize that you cannot afford it. So, save yourself some time and all of that wasted energy by knowing exactly how much you are willing to spend on this gift.
  • How often do they travel: Ask yourself how often do your friends travel and which kind of atmosphere do they go to? If they travel very often through rugged plains and weather that is not favourable, you may want to spend a few more bucks in order to invest in something that is tough, durable and light.
  • Do your research: This is especially important if you are not a travel enthusiast yourself. There are so many marketed products which are described as perfect but don’t let yourself be fooled. Do your research on which are the best companies, which products have the most satisfied customer reviews, which are more budget-friendly, the material used in the construction and so on, before spending the money.
  • Look for offers: Unfortunately, while most travelling accessories do not come in packs of two, more often than not, if you shop for two of the same items from the same companies as a gift for couples, you tend to get a discount or a rebate on the combined prices of the two. So, look out for these types of deals.
  • Ask them: Finally, try to subtly ask them what it is they are looking for because you would not want to end up buying them the same travelling gift that they already have for themselves. Ask them what they like, where they are going next and so on.

Which one of these gifts did you love?

Did we miss any of YOUR favourite accessories or gifts that you absolutely cannot travel without? Leave us a comment in the section below and let us know.
Until then, happy shopping!

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