10 Best Gifts To Give Your Foodie Friend!

Gifting something to your foodie friend can be pretty difficult. You know that food will the best gifts for them. But cooking and delivering food is not always practical. So why not choose something that goes well with their foodie lifestyle?

Here is a cue on 10 best and perfect gifts for friends who love foods and how to choose them!

Buying guide – Things to consider

Before jumping to buy just about any food-related gift for your friend, put a thought into what they would like the most. Here is how you can evaluate the choice and pick the best!

  • Quality of the product

Of course, food tastes great only when it is of the best quality. Therefore when you choose to give you a foodie friend something – it should be quality too. Be it ready to eat food, a utensil, or anything of their use – the quality of the product is important. Make sure that the shelf life is good, it’s easy to maintain and is of supreme quality.

  • Cooking/non-cooking gifts

Not every foodie cooks food. So gifting a cooking utensil is not an ideal gift for everyone. Find out if your foodie friend loves to cook or not and choose your gift accordingly. For the non-cooking people, you can choose ready to eat packets, meal subscription boxes etc.

  • Price

The gift should be value for money. It only makes sense to spend on something that adds value to the user while not being heavy on your pocket. Choose something that is worth a buy!

  • Utility of the product

Choose a gift that your friend needs the most. It should derive some use to the friend! It can be something that they want to taste, something that suits the cravings the best or a gift that adds up to their food experience.

  • Trendy

As there are new and new things launched in the market today, food industry is evolving too. From subscription boxes to gift hampers – pick the trendiest gifting item you can think of for gifting a foodie!

10 Best Gifts for Foodies

1. Weird Wolf Joy hand-crafted coffee mug

Weird Wold specializes in handcrafted mugs and crockeries. As coffee mug comes as an essential for people who regularly indulge in hot or cold beverages – this one is a perfect gift for your foodie friend. Made of ceramic the Weird Wolf Joy hand-crafted coffee mug has the capacity to store 300ml of coffee into it. the beautiful art inscribed on the mug makes it more fun to drink coffee in. This one is available in several designs to choose from.


  • Lightweight
  • Perfect for drinking coffee
  • artistic


  • A bit overpriced
  • Not suitable if your friend is a tea lover

2. Exclusive Lane Terracotta hand-painted Salt & Pepper dispenser cum tray

Foodies love collecting beautiful pieces of cutlery, tableware, cookware etc for their fulfilling experience. This Exclusive Lane Terracotta hand-painted Salt & Pepper dispenser cum tray is an artistic piece with a special design that is a perfect suite for their dining table. The beauty of it reverberates in every use and thus shall remind them of you each time they dine. With 2 shakers and a tray, this piece holds about 80-100 grams of salt and pepper in them.


  1. An artistic addition to the dining table
  2. Perfect for foodie friends who cook
  3. Appropriate size for table storage
  4. Terracotta brings an authentic touch


  • Not for people who are into modern designs
  • Expensive

3. Cookstyle Nested Star shaped cookie cutter

Foodies love to indulge in quality baking products. The Cookstyle is a brand which manufactures excellent baking and cooking products that are both interesting and colourful. The Cookstyle Nested Star shaped cookie cutter is a set of 5 cookie cutters made of food grade plastic. This one is dishwasher safe, has sharp edges and makes the cutting of cookies easier. It’s a perfect gift for someone who loves baking.


  • Available in several shapes
  • Quality product with a good finish
  • Easy to work with


  • A little weak as compared to metal ones

4. Weird Wolf emoji series ceramic coffee mug

Weird Wolf coffee mugs are popular for their innovative designs and high-quality products. Weird Wolf emoji series ceramic coffee mug is a collection of 5 emojis into the form of coffee mugs which are both beautiful and exciting. They are made of ceramic an can hold 350ml of coffee. Its lightweight, quality and craft make it a perfect mug to invest in.


  • Appropriate size for coffee
  • Innovative designs
  • High quality ceramic mugs


  • May not be liked by everyone

5. Ganesh Apple Cutter

Ganesh Apple Cutter is a popular product for cutting apples. This one has the swift cut technology into the stainless steel designs paired with plastic for comfort holding. It cuts the apple into eight equal pieces leaving the core aside. This one is easy to maintain, clean and re-use with any rusts. Suits perfectly who loves to binge on fruits a lot.


  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Quality stainless steel blades
  • Effortless fruit cutting


  • Needs manual effort
  • May not cut other fruits that well

6. Kurtzy Vertical Rack 4 layer Storage with wheels

Made of plastic the Kurtzy Vertical Rack 4 layer Storage with wheels is an excellent storage stand with wheels for keeping a variety of items like tomato sauce, salad dressings, seasonings, snacks, dry food items etc. The design of rack makes it a perfect one to keep the storage space dry and free from dirt. It can hold up to 15 kgs of weight so the rack is perfect to use item for storage of a variety of things without the fear of spilling.


  • Four level storage rack
  • Easy to store and keep things dry
  • Lightweight


  • Does not cover the storage items

7. Pigeon Handy Mini Plastic Chopper

Nothing makes a foodie more excited than getting some cooking aids from their friends. Pigeon Handy Mini Plastic Chopper with 3 blades that aids cutting of any vegetable in a matter of minutes. It is made of plastic with stainless steel blades and has to be operated manually to chop the vegetables in desired sizes. Makes for an easy way to work in the kitchen!


  • Eco-friendly design with easy use
  • 3 blade design blades aids precision cutting
  • Economical


  • Manual operated
  • Easily breakable

8. Skyfish stainless steel pineapple cutter

For the fruit lovers, one of the most loved things is to make fruit salads. Pineapple being the toughest ones to cut swiftly needs expert tools. The Skyfish stainless steel pineapple cutter is a stainless steel cutter with precision round blades to slide into the pineapple and remove the skin, inside stick and the pulp into three pieces at once. It is a perfect way to cut the pineapple easily.


  • Easy to use
  • Fine stainless steel blades that aid smooth cutting
  • Beautiful roundels of pineapple are cut easily


  • Overpriced

9. Kichenif Icecream maker

Making ice-cream at home might seem difficult to many but with Kichenif Ice-cream maker it is as easy and smooth as ice-cream in the mouth. The Kichenif Ice-cream maker is an easy to use the machine to make your ice-cream in 30 minutes. It can make frozen yoghurt, slush, sorbets and quality ice-creams easily. The requirement is just to freeze the ice-cream after using the machine – & it’s good to go. It’s the best ice cream maker on the market currently.


  • Quick and easy ice-cream maker
  • Swift and smooth process
  • Makes creamy ice-creams that are smooth


  • Makes only 1.5L at once
  • A little expensive

10. AmazonBasics Premium stainless steel knife set

One of the important aids needed in anyone’s kitchen are the knives. AmazonBasics Premium stainless steel knife set is a set of 9 knives that are made for their own determined use. These professional knives are made of stainless steel and give precision cutting. It’s a perfect addition to the kitchen when a foodie is a cook too.


  • High-quality stainless steel knives
  • Set of 9 devised to give a good cutting
  • Makes one learn the art of perfect vegetable cutting


  • Needs safety guidance while using
  • High price


When you are planning to gift something to your foodie friend – the idea is to make their experience with food easy. Make sure you give something that adds value to their kitchen and makes their experience even better!


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