Top 5 Underrated Travel Destinations In NSW, Australia

Are you one of those many wanderlust souls that have an unquenchable thirst for adventure? We have heard way too much about the trips to Europe, the United States of America, Thailand, New Zealand, and even Bali but we often miss out on the beauty of Australia. It is now that exploring the nook and cranny of New South Wales, Australia has become so important to open your eyes to new perspectives and beauty. Today, we want to talk about the underrated travel destinations in NSW, Australia that till date remains unexplored by many travel enthusiasts.

Time to explore the 5 best underrated travel places in NSW, Australia 

It will be impossible to mention New South Wales and leave out the following places.

Welcome to Eden –

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The appealing yet sleepy beauty of Eden with the feel of the magnificent Twofold bay, is hard to miss out on. The national parks, stirring beaches, and vast stretches of wilderness areas make this place even more mesmerizing for tourists. If you want us to describe Eden in a few words, then it is simply spectacular. The sapphire warm blue water, the soothing weather, and the secluded wilderness remain open for all the travellers to explore. It is one of the best underrated travel destinations to witness the fascinating deep-sea creature – Humpback Whales during spring. Located between Melbourne and Sydney, this remains to be the soul of Australia.

Explore the cultural capital of Australia – Canberra

If you are seeking to experience the history and culture of Australia, then this is the place for you. The spectacular galleries and magnificent monuments will willingly embrace you in its glory. You might not be familiar with the reputation of Canberra’s culinary destination, but it is high time you do. Hence, indulge in the luxurious restaurants of Canberra that offer an excellent chance of fine dining. You must not miss the parliament house to experience the robust Australian democracy in action.

The charisma of Byron Bay –

Byron Bay is the place that comes with an incredible vibe which will present you with an ultra-chilled town. The intoxicating blend of old school hippies, Aussie surf culture, boozy backpackers, dedicated yoga lovers, and the new age stylish type will boost up your mood every second when you are here in this underrated travel destination.

The spectacular Lord Howe Island, NSW –

The pictures of this stunning place will take your breath away. It is truly the untouched paradise which is only two hours away from Sydney. Above all, the utterly striking beauty of the Tasman Sea will be the reason why you will want to come back to this place over and over again. This is one of the famous underrated travel destinations in New South Wales which is a crescent-shaped island that comes with spotless white beaches which are perfect for scuba diving, snorkelling, hiking, bird watching, and fishing. The pristine and overflowing ecosystem of this place will calm your senses and bring you closer to the beauty of nature. Only a small population of people call Lord Howe Island their home which means you get all the privacy and calm you have been in search of.

The majestic Blue Mountains await your arrival –

Lying in the western region of Sydney is the beauty and charm of the rugged mountains. Moreover, it is a bushwalker’s fantasy that comes with an unwinding picturesque trail which will lead you straight into the dense forests. These gum tree forests are a part of the UNESCO’s World Heritage site. Besides, you don’t even need to be a professional to enjoy the desirable treats that the mountains have in store. The panoramic view of the postcard-perfect beauty of the Echo Point in Katoomba is enough to give you a feeling of paradise.

You might think you have come across the major attractions in New South Wales, Australia but unless you experience the charm of all these underrated travel destinations you won’t understand what true natural beauty and serenity truly mean. Just flyonwheels folks and explore the scenic beauty of these places.

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