Now enjoy food hunt at your favorite restaurants with the Dollop Digital Menu App!

New food joints in the city can be quite intriguing not just for the foodies but for the rest too. Imagine getting together to eat more modern delicacies like Avocado and Arugula Pachadi and Cambodian Yellow Curry of Tofu and Shittake and Krapow Chicken and Veg Indonesian Rendang etc. with family and friends with attractive interiors and ambience. Nevertheless, how would you have the knowledge of it? It can be difficult to check their menus and decide the cuisine you want to grab. We have the right solution for you. There is nothing to worry if it gets confusing during your restaurant visits because the Dollop digital menu app will help you sort things very quickly with your food, making it an exclusive and convenient experience for you throughout.

Dollop app

Why is the Dollop Digital Menu App better than the other prevalent ones?

You can download this app from Google Play Store, and the unique function of this app is to scan text and provide you with the name of the restaurants along with their menu digitally. The users can dislike and like the food items and sort them according to their preferences. The app lets you filter your favorite dishes in one go with a digital menu and makes it more comfortable for you to select the items and each time the user likes or dislikes any item; they get a dollop point. A unique feature called the “dollop sense” in the app shows you the trending restaurants, the famous dishes of each restaurant in the specific area that you have selected. Redemption points are coming soon to get you some exciting dollop goodies, and from the dollop profile section, one can find out about their scores.

The app is available in the Google play store, and it is very easy to use the app. You can directly go to the scan page once you open the app. The next step will include scanning the names of the restaurants and selecting the ones you like. Just by browsing the name of the restaurant, you can get access to their menus and choose the number of items that you want. More than 100 restaurants are available for you to find through the dollop app, both nearby and away from your vicinity.

Earn Dollop points to get goodies!

The app gets more exciting because you can get these dollop points from merely selecting and expressing your opinion on the dishes. You can use them for the goodies. Famous names like – Hoppipola, Smokehouse deli, Social, Hard Rock Café, Farzi Café, Mamagoto, Chili’s etc. are featured digitally through this app. Furthermore, the app is free, and you can instantly get started with the mouthwatering food menus of your favorite restaurant without any difficulty and confusion.

Love is all you need but the food you need more!

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