Istanbul- The Most Enchanting City In The World

“People were right when they say there is no other place on earth as beautiful as Istanbul”- These words by Chateaubriand are the perfect words that describe the charm of this place. Its rich history, striking architecture, and vivid culture make it a paradise for the travelers. To extract the energy of Istanbul to the fullest, one has to spend months or even years there. One of the surreal aspects of Istanbul is that, it has the perfect balance between the urban culture and the traditional culture. To be more precise, it is one of the most contrasting, exquisite, and captivating cities in the world.

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When you will set your feet in the heart of Istanbul, the dreamlike commixture of Asian Culture and the European culture will blow your mind. No matter how avid or experienced traveller you are, this place will make you amazed by its charm and aura. You will also witness that numerous people of this place are still stick to the traditional values of the Ottoman Empire and the Byzantine period. So, let us dive into the hidden realms of this enticing city and stroll through the streets of it.

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Are there any tips that we should follow while exploring Istanbul?

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Like any other travelling destinations, Istanbul also has its own set of requirements. And to get compatible with those requirements, you have to follow some basic tips. To help you with this, we are handing over some tips to you, which will help you to immerse in the ultimate aura of this enthralling city.

  • Perfect time to visit

Istanbul shows its ideal colors and vividness between the months of March and May, and again between the months of September and November. You can consider the weather of Istanbul to be perfect during these times, which makes it an ideal time for the travellers to walk around this place.

  • Airports

Istanbul consists of two international airports in its bucket. The first one is the Istanbul Ataturk, which is the bigger and the busier one. The other international airport of this city is Sabiha Gökçen International Airport, which is a bit smaller and farther from the city, compared to Ataturk airport.

  • Visa and Passport

These are the two most significant things, when you are enjoying an international trip. The tourist visa of Turkey is a bit different, compared to other European nations, as it is not the part of the union. Now, you can apply visa for Turkey online, which makes the process a bit easier.

  • The location of the hotel

The location of a hotel is one of the most significant parts that you have to take care. So, while booking your hotel, take a look at your locality. It will help you to acknowledge, whether the location of your hotel is convenient to travel around the city. You will find most of the best hotels are residing near Taksim square or Sultanahmet. There, you will find affordable hotels in Istanbul.

  • Shopping
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The shopkeepers in Istanbul are extremely delightful and decent. Their hospitality will melt your heart and they will welcome you to their shops and bazaars with their open arms. Maybe, they will serve you with some palatable and refreshing Turkish tea. But there is also a possibility that they will add a considerable amount of premium to their products when they are selling you.

  • Turkish Lira

It is the local currency of Turkey. Make sure that you have enough of Turkish Lira in your pockets, when you are reconnoitering the nooks and corners of Istanbul. There are various shops and agents that will not accept the international cards. Hence, it is important to carry the cash with you.

  • Learn the basic Turkish phrases

The staffs and the local attendants are not that fluent in English. So, there is a possibility that it will develop a miscommunication between you and them. Thus, to avoid those unwanted issues, you can learn the basic Turkish phrases. It will help you to communicate with the local people.

  • Local travels

Taxi is the most convenient option in Istanbul. But it is also the most expensive way to travel. If you are travelling in a group, it will be best for you if you avail a shuttle services, especially, when you are travelling from the airport or towards the airport. You can also opt for the city metro as a lot of laces of the city are accessible through it. You can even go for a tourist pass to travel via the city metro.

  • History of Istanbul

When it comes to the history of Istanbul, it is rich, colorful as well as fascinating. So, if you can go through the history of Istanbul, it will make your travelling more enthralling and interesting. Its charming mixture of heritage and history will overwhelm you as a tourist. Reading about the history of this place will also help you to appreciate their culture.

What are the airports of Istanbul?

The airports of Istanbul are:

  • Ataturk airport- It is the first international airport of Istanbul. It is situated 24 kilometers west of the city center. The airport consists of 85 rooms along with hourly accommodations. Numerous cafeterias, bars and restaurants are there in Ataturk Airport.
  • Sabiha Gökçen airport- This airport is named after the first woman pilot of Turkey, Sabiha Gökçen. This airport that resides at the Anatolian side of Istanbul, which is 50 kilometers from the site of Taksim square.
  • Hezarfen Airport- This airport consists of a single runway for small planes and full-sized motor air crafts. They also provide the air taxi services.

How to reach most popular places from Airport?

There are numerous ways by which you can reach the most popular destinations from airport. So, let us acknowledge the ways by which you can travel to the most popular places from airport:

  • You can avail the airport shuttle bus.
  • Public transport is another option and the city of Istanbul is very well connected with the public transport.
  • Metro and tram will also serve your purpose. They are not only convenient, but they are also light to the pockets.
  • If you want to witness the flavor of the daily life of Istanbul, you can opt for the local bus. These buses cover quite a long route in the city.
  • Taxi services are the most convenient options and it will also help you to avoid the public transport. Bu compared to others, it is a bit expensive.
  • If you want to explore the city by your own, then it will be best for you if you rent a car from the airport. It will be convenient option for you.
  • If you are visiting the land of Istanbul with a large group, the best option for you is to rent a bus. Just make sure to book your bus before coming to Istanbul so that the bus company can organize it properly.

Which airlines travel to Istanbul?

There are innumerable airlines that travel to Istanbul. The airlines that travels to Istanbul are:

  • Air India Fights
  • Emirates flights
  • Qatar Airways Flights
  • Saudia Flights
  • Etihad Airways Flights
  • Oman Air Flights
  • Singapore Airlines Flights
  • Thai Airways Flights
  • Gulf Air Flights
  • Lufthhansa Flights
  • Kuwait Airways Flights
  • British Airways Flights
  • KLM Flights
  • Flydubai Flights
  • Jet Airways Flights
  • Aeroflot Flights
  • Air France Flights
  • Malindo Air Flights
  • Asiana Airlines Flights
  • Ukraine International flights
  • Air Astana Flights
  • Ethiopian Airlines Flights
  • Jazeera Airways Flights
  • Egypt Air Flights
  • Turkmenistan Airlines Flights
  • All Nippon Airways Flights
  • Iran Air Flights
  • Alitalia Flights
  • Air China Flights
  • Korean Air Flights
  • Air China Flights
  • Mahan Air Flights
  • Iraqi Airways Flights
  • Uzbekistan Airways Flights
  • Rwand Air Flights
  • Kam Air Flights
  • Flynas Flights
  • PIA Flights

What are the cheap flights to Istanbul?

There are numerous direct flights to Istanbul that will allow you to visit that place in low cost.

Direct flights to Istanbul from India

  • Air India Airlines
  • Gulf Airlines
  • Oman Airlines
  • Emirates Airlines

Direct flights to Istanbul from US

  • Turkish Airlines
  • Pegasus Airlines
  • British Airlines

What are the best budget food places in Istanbul for vegans, and couples?

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Apart from its visual beauties, Istanbul is also famous for its lip-smacking foods. It doesn’t matter if you are a vegan or a non-vegan, Istanbul has a lot of places in its palate that will pamper your taste buds. Thus, here is the list of budget-friendly food places in Istanbul that will soother your tongues and satisfy your heart.

For vegans

1. Muhtelif Mekan

This place is a paradise for vegans. One of the most interesting parts about this place is that they change their menu every day, which attracts numerous vegans here. There regular items consist of vegan desserts, vegan soups and vegan balls.

2. Community Kitchen

Another place where the vegans can please their tongues is the community kitchen. Some of the palatable vegan foods that you will find here are iskendar and balls, vegan lasagna, Vegan burgers, Bosnian cevapi Kofte and many more. Sunday is considered as the wild mushroom day.

For couples

1. Nicole

If you are planning a romantic dinner in the heart of Istanbul, you can come to Nicole. The Ambiance of Nicole is amazingly romantic. Apart from flinging the romantic fire, the food of this place will also calm down your foodie soul. This place is best known for its new culinary ideas and utilization of the seasonal ingredients.

2. Firuze

This place will allow you to enjoy the romantic dinner in Istanbul style. Well, nothing can be better than eating some really brilliant food while cherishing the vibrant sunset with your loved one. You can experience all these things at once if you head towards Firuze.

What are the most popular places in Istanbul?

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When it comes to the beautiful and stunning places, Istanbul has various places in its lap. Therefore, to ease down your itinerary, we are hereby presenting you the most popular places to visit in Istanbul.

  • Aya Sofya

It is one of the most cherished landmarks of Istanbul. According to the legends and myths, it is said that, when Justinian, Byzantine Emperor sets his feet for the first time in his finished church in AD 536, he cried, “Glory to God that I have been judged worthy of such a work. Oh Solomon, I have outdone you!” It was his boastful statement to the world of technical abilities and wealth of his empire.

  • Topkapi Palace

This is a brilliant monument nestled in the lap of Istanbul. It was crafted by Mehmet the conqueror in the 15th Century. Once you visit this place, you will be astounded by its architectural beauty. In addition to that, this vast complex is a beautiful place that showcases the beauty of the Islamic art. This place’s harem is the most highlighted place of this monument. Here, the Sultan’s concubines were used to live with their children.

  • Blue Mosque

This is a stunning piece of architecture that you can never forget if you witness it live. It was built between 1609 and 1616. Once it got finished, it created uproar in the Muslim world as it consisted of six minarets. Thus, to cool down the dissent, a seventh minaret was gifted to the great mosque of Mecca. Well, you can consider this mosque to be one the finest reflections of the Ottoman architecture.

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