About Us

Welcome aboard! We are a bunch of nomads bitten by the travel bug and this is a part of our mission to spread the contagion. It all started with a boring weekend; believe it or not, the best stories always start with boring weekends. Fed up of the utter joblessness, we hit the road. Because we are such adamant people, we decided to stay away from famous places, just for kicks. None of us had any idea that it would turn out to be one of the best decisions of our lives.

We kept everything low-key, trying out local delicacies and visiting ignored places. We came across some of the most amusing structures and dug up the crazy myths that gave birth to these. We found beauty in the most unexpected places. The edgy trip changed all of us from inside. We found it really difficult to settle back into our ordinary lives. At first, we dismissed it as a hangover, but soon we were sure we had found our true calling.

We realized that there are so many people who share this passion but never get to quench their wander-thirst, be if for financial strain or tight schedules. It is true that you need to do quite a bit of research to find the perfect vacation spots and then plan an efficient trip. We are here to help you with that.

Based on our travel experiences, we will keep posting articles that cater to specific tastes and requirements. Planning a honeymoon trip? Dying for a foreign vacation? Willing to hit beaches? Looking for a super-short and economic tour? We are full of suggestions. You will not only find out about the underrated locations all over the world but also learn how to make each trip more soulful and easier on the wallet. Romantic to peaceful to adventurous to downright wacky, you will find everything here. And most importantly, the articles will be concise and fun to read, unlike the heavy, adjective-laden pages on most official tourism sites.

Travelling is the healthiest addiction. It enriches your life and teaches you things about yourself that you never knew before. We have only one life, and stagnation is perhaps not the best way to live. So give up your old ideas. Travelling is not just for the privileged rich. Anyone can explore, provided they have the right mindset; and of course, proper information. So will you join us in our mission to celebrate wanderlust? Come, be a part of the FlyOnWheels family. Here’s wishing you a long life full of beautiful sceneries and cherished misadventures. Bon voyage!



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